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Select the GMCA2008 release suitable to your installed AutoCAD version, download demo into an optional folder on your hard drive, the demo product installed will be recognized after starting the first AutoCAD session, an alert message is displayed to inform you how to setup GMCA2008 with your AutoCAD by typing SETGMCA at your command prompt.
The new toolbar icons & GMCA08 pop up menu will be added to your current menu to exhibit all the contents of our metric support product.
If you wish to uninstall the software, click on Exit GMCA at the end of the popup menu, then exit AutoCAD and uninstall the demo from the window folder
on your desktop.

AutoCAD Block Library Samples

    Airplane top view     Sedan car front view      Sedan car - 3D        Wheelchair top view     Sailboat side view        Door in elevation

   Twin bed top view         Chair top view      Computer set top view       Sofa top view             Oven top view       Passenger lift in plan

   Mosque crescent       Person in elevation       Person in plan          Plant in elevation          Plant in plan          Shrub in elevation

  Decid. tree in elev.       Decid. tree in plan     Evergreen in elev.      Evergreen in plan      Small palm in elev.      Palm tree in plan

Contact GMCA dealer or administrator in the region or George Matta, Beirut-Lebanon, mob: 961-03-303504,

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