GMCA  © 1994–2008
GMCA 2008
A powerful metric support
For AutoCAD 2007, 2008 & 2009

917 architectural Library blocks (gmca2008_software.pdf) 2.4MB
In addition to the updated previous road sign library consisting of 161 blocks, a new feature of installing the user standard sheet A0, A1, A2 & A3 in both model space and paper space with title block data input according to sheet scale, and a large annotation and dimension style libraries, with automatic loading of 160 layers…
Plus 195 Lisp routines assisting to finalize architectural tender drawings...
Plus 202 text blocks (Arabic & English)

Plus 50 additional multilingual fonts
Plus 22 GMCA hatch patterns
Plus 86 icons for GMCA toolbar applications
Plus 69 modules for annotation and schedule tags
And too many other new features….

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 Annotation Balloons                                   Door & Window Elevations                           Annotation Leaders

 Leroy Text Styles                                       Annotation Levels                                     Structural Annotations  

 Annotation Schedule Tags                          Additional Text Fonts (44 Types)                 Arabic Text Blocks

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